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June 2011 - Tapio Rissanen delivers speech on changing work patterns and what Proxi Offices deliver in terms of solution for collaborativeness and IT security, at the the "Targa Töö Inspiratsioonipäev" conference, in Tallin, Estonia.

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May 2011 - Re-launch of the Finnish Flexiwork Association after a decade of silence. Tapio RIssanen named Presidenti of the Association.

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December 2010 - Launch of the SSEDIC thematic network: Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community.  EuroConseils contributes to the network as full partner.

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October 2010 - De nouvelles solutions pour le télétravail en Finlande. Article by Teemu Rissanen, from the COFHUAT journal no. 25/10-2010




Locally Operable - Globally Interoperable eServices


The RegioPKI® Service provides a managed PKI and paperless processes services that enable administrations and business communities to provide efficien and high quality eServices to their communities.
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RegioPKI® is a PKI Service, which includes a full range of consultancy, advisory and training services for supporting deployment of PKI services for Regional and Local Entities.
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Highlight: Reduce traffic congestion and CO2 emissions to combat climate change. Learn more >



The Proxi Office and Satellite Office Solution provides cities and densely populated areas with efficient means for sustainable development reducing traffic congestion and CO2 emissions to combat climate change.

In addition to these positive environmental and traffic logistical effects, the solution enables significant direct operational savings and improves efficiency and data security for organisations using and smart advanced telework technologies.


Using secure paperless workflow processes together with collaborative working methods and strong authentication and digital signatures,  public and private organisations benefit from reduced paperwork, elimination of un-necessary travelling and a better management of Business Intelligence and resources. 

Our solution also reinforces local economies and improves quality of life of people by allowing more flexible working time arrangements with reduced time for work-based travelling. The system enables secure working conditions at office, home or while travelling and ensures efficient and secure electronic transactions for computer-based work patterns without time and place limits.

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To make the Digital Era and Knowledge Society a reality within your Region, City or Organisation, the RegioPKI® Service offers fully managed PKI services that enable the use of different eID's, mobile certificates, one-time passwords together with interoperable Validation Authority services.
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The RegioPKI® Service enables the conversion of all the public, private and non-governmental organisations and business communities to start using fully paperless processes and provide eServices to their constituency when appropriate.

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To get more familiar with the RegioPKI® concept, you may download the following documents describing more in details its various features.
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We offer consultancy and advisory services and complete service solutions for public and private organisations in the area of strategic trust, security and identity management.
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The Regio PKI® Service in short

The RegioPKI® Service is a managed service for setting up certificate based eServices and paperless processes on regional level, while ensuring global interoperability. The RegioPKI® Service enables the use and take-up of digital signatures, strong authentication, trustworthy eServices and eGovernment applications as highly reliable and secure service that provides multiple electronic identity mechanisms: eID's, qualified certificates, Mobile certificates, one-time passwords and Web 2.0 Identity Management solutions, such as OpenID and InfoCards.

The Future of Regional eGovernment and eServices is Here.

Strong Authentication and Digital Signatures are the cornerstones and basic building blocks of the real Digital Era and Knowledge Society. Our RegioPKI® Service guarantee efficient, fully secure and easily implementable regional platform for any electronic service or process.






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